Robotics has a number of advantages for development of our children

  1. Development of fine motor skills. It is an urgent topic for any age. Machinery & robot construction is a minute process. It is necessary to join a lot of tiny parts to make the whole product. All the parts are of various shape & have different features to be joined with other parts. It’s a huge brain activity, helping a child’s development.


  1. Development of logical thinking while programming. Starting from the simplest programs, step by step we teach children to program. The programming environment is very visual, there is no straight boring text. First, students must join right nicely written icons-actions. And then a robot will begin its moving.


  1. Development of technical directivities. We study machinery mechanisms, how they are made. Here a right written program as well as a robot’s construction and how much everything is connected right are of high importance. Due to these fine points a child’s attention, carefulness, operative memory & critical thinking are developed.


I’m usually happy with my students’ results. It is a true pleasure to see my children growing & being successful.


Lessons & Payment


A lesson a week. Of course, it is better if the child go to classes regularly, at least first two months. Important information about working with the constructor and the program environment will be provided during that time.


You can choose any from the offered days

One lesson - 1,5 hours

Schedule 2021-2022

Monday 4:30 PM (Robotics)

Tuesday 5:00 PM (Programming 10-14 YO)

Tuesday 6:30 PM (Robotics 10-14 YO)

Wednesday 5:00 PM (Programming 7-9 YO)

Wednesday 6:30 PM (Robotics 7-9 YO)

Thursday 5:00 PM (3D Modeling & Graphics 7-12 YO)

Thursday 6:30 PM (Robotics 7-12 YO)

Friday 5:00 PM (Robotics 5-7 YO)

Friday 6:30 PM (Robotics 6-8 YO)

Saturday 9:30 AM (Robotics)

Saturday 11:00 AM (Robotics 8-12 YO)

Saturday 12:30 PM (Robotics 5-7 YO)

Saturday 2:00 PM (3D Modeling & Graphics)