About us
We have organized a children's robotics club. There are inventors, programmers and artists all around us. We believe in developing the unique personality of every child. We designed our activities for children to unleash their technical and scientific potential and highlight the strengths of each child.
Our teachers
We are always here, with your kids, ready to help!
Co-founder, Head Teacher
Co-founder, Robotics World Champion
Why are our classes the best?
Teaching methods
The teaching methods are based on the personal experience of teachers. The training program is always up to date, includes modern tools and materials.
6-12 children per class
A small group is the best way to learn. We find an individual approach to children and develop their strengths.
Individual approach
Every child is unique! We do not have individual programs, but we will devote the same amount of time to each.
Flexible studying system
You can study in several groups at the same time. You always have the opportunity to change direction at any time.
Most popular questions from our clients
Do we need to buy anything for the classes ourselves?
Or will everything be available at school?
We provide all the necessary kits and materials, but if the child uses their own materials, we will not mind.
How old should be kids to join your classes?
Most of our classes are designed for kids age 7 and older.
Check out Our Classes page to see the required age by class.
How do we sign up for a class?
Leave a request for the free trial class in the form below or call us by phone :)
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